MY RED LEATHER BAG    Saturday, August 15, 2015

1. My purse pattern

2. Cutting the leather


3. Prepping the strap.

4. Inserting the zipper to the attached pocket.

5. Inserting the magnetic snap

6. Gluing the facings down

7.Sewing the strap

8.Glue the side before stitching

9. One side is stitched


10. Paint the seams with Leather Edge Paint from Tandy Leather

11. Last step sewing the strap to the bag.

12. The finished bag.





Hand Painted Zippered Bag    Friday, July 18, 2014

Hand Painted Zippered Bag


In January of this year I taught surface design techniques from one of my favorite books “Acrylic Techniques” by Roxanne Padgett. Well, we just finished the best instructional book on painted surface design.

The members of the group and I had a great time. Chapter by chapter, we made color wheels, scribbled with paint, layered with stamps and made and used texture plates.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.

We made our own business cards with all the painted papers and wrapped up the session by completing a zippered bag with the painted canvas. You can see some of the photos from the sessions on the SCTA Surface Design yahoo group site. Sorry this group is private.


It was such a success that I am including the tutorial from the zippered bag session.


I love using my own painted canvas to make bags. I started with some of my painted canvas that was stenciled, layered using techniques from the book.


First cut down two of the canvas pieces to 7 1/2” x 9 1/2”. I added an extra slice of painted canvas just to add some variety cutting with pinking shears.



I used painter’s tape to hold the zipper in because painted canvas is too thick for pins.


  Sew in the zipper removing the tape as you sew. Add a little Fray Check to seal the edges.


Unzip the zipper. Place a 5” piece of measuring tape ribbon, insert on the side sew with RST all around the two sides and the bottom.


Trim the corners close to the stitches. Square off the corners at the bottom ½” from the folded corners. Turn right side out. You’re done.



Create a zipper pull using a safety pin, needle nose pliers and seed beads. Connect with a jump ring. These bags are easy to make.  Use the bag for art supplies, makeup or jewelry.







Yvonne Warren

Oh Martha    Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh Martha


I love Martha Stewart Jewelry Enamel Paints. I can’t believe I like anything Martha, but I love these paints.  I had an opportunity to demo these enamel paints at a Michaels Store event and since then I really like the way they dry resin hard.  You can mix the colors to create your own color palette. I experimented and painted on metal washers. 


You have to mix the Jewelry Enamel Activator 2 parts and the enamel paint color 1 part together and let it stand for about 15 minutes or longer. It thickens and is applied with a toothpick. It is self-leveling. The color will flow to the edge but will not go over. It dries in 72 hours.


It comes in Habanero red, Yellow Jacket, Green Olive, Leaf Bud, Pool, Wild Blueberry, Camellia Pink, Mace, Shadow, and Meringue.

enamel paints on washers

It may be a long process but the results are perfection.  Did I say I love Martha Stewart Enamel Paints?  Just wait and see what I do in upcoming posts.


Flower Pins    Monday, February 10, 2014

Flower Pins


I realized I had a lot of beautiful polyester scraps left over from my endless tube scarves just lying around. I never want to throw anything away. I never waste a thing. I decided to make something out of them. I came up with these flower brooches that are also hair pins.


I needed to cut out all the circles. At first I used this Sixxix die cut and my Cuttlebug machine then I realized I could cut them out faster by hand. I cut three different sizes; large, medium and small.


I burned all the edges with a candle (I don’t have a photo of this). I use only polyester fabrics in the project because polyester melts the best.


I stack the layers of melted circles in what I think goes together, inserting some tulle at times. Some flowers even match the colors in an actual scarf.  I sew a circle stitch in the center to keep together and keep them from shifting. Then cut a hole in the center using my Crop-o-dile.


 I cover the center button/brad using this great tool I just discovered last year. This is a scrapbooking tool that’s been around for several years. It’s perfect for making covered buttons.  Then I insert the covered button into the hole I made and screw it on or if I used a brad I open the tongs on the brad. This is all hidden when I attach the pin back.


Then the pin back is glued on using 527 Multi-use Glue by Beacon.




Fabulous Thrift Store Find    Thursday, April 25, 2013

Painted alumimum foilFinished necklace made with foil beads and glass crystals and metal piecesBead shapes painted with acrylic paints and nail polish  


 completed necklace



Foil Bead Maker


Make fabulous foil beads with this awesome Foil Bead maker.  This was a thrift store find that was designed as a toy for children, but I love it. Look at the fabulous beads you can make with it.  I took it a step further and painted them with metal and acrylic paints. I also used some nail polish for a more grown up version. Check out what I made.


Silk Painting Class    Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I took a silk painting class last month and I think my project turned out okay.

I had no idea how to paint on silk with resist and add paint with silk dyes. Well just look at this step by step process.




First we had to draw something. Okay, I don’t draw so well so I used a quilt photo as inspiration. We laid the drawing under the silk to trace. We traced our design on the silk using a water soluble pen.


  We taped the design to a cardboard box to apply the resist. 


 Here is the design with the resist traced over the pen markings. I decided not to trace all the lines. Artistic license.


After the resist had dried, I painted the silk in with Jacquard silk paints. After everything was dried we sent them off with the instructor, Ann Ragland Bowns. She had to steam them all and send them back to us.

When I received mine back I was shocked to see the newsprint was stuck on and it was all crumpled up. I thought it was ruined. But Anne included some instructions on how to wash it and soak off all the newsprint. This is what it looked like when I got it back in the mail. Pretty scarey.


 Washed and pressed, here’s the finished project. What do you think?


Design Academy Certified Instructor    Thursday, January 3, 2013

 I’ve been beading for well over 30 years, long before all the beautiful beads and findings you see available now. I enjoy making all kinds of beaded jewelry. I love mixed media jewelry. Metal dapping and stamping are my favorite. I especially enjoy teaching jewelry making of all kinds. I don’t limit myself to experienced beaders and jewelry students. I love teaching beginners. Students who have no experience are a wonderful additional to any class. I can not wait to see what my students create. It is so fun to see the look on their faces after they have finished their first piece.


My goal is to inspire my students to create their very own unique pieces of jewelry for themselves, family or friends,  When I see a student’s finished piece and they see what they’ve accomplished it makes me feel that I have achieved my goal.



No Longer Teaching Classes at Michaels 








            Please check the calendar for classes being taught.  Happy Beading!

I'm Working On It    Saturday, December 15, 2012

There’s a time in your life that you need to wake up and make things happen. You need to get the show on the road. Well I need to get moving and make things period.  As I sit here with ten day before Christmas and not a single gift under the tree, nothing made, nothing to wrap. I’m not inspired to do anything and time is running out.

To get inspired I spent all day today looking through old magazines articles I had cut from magazines dating back to 1974.  To my surprise many of them are still in fashion to this day just the colors have changed. I never had the opportunity to make many of them back in the day because the supplies were not easily found. But now you can find all sorts of art and crafts supplies everywhere.

Old magazine clipsMore magazine clips to inspire

  old clips


Here are a few of my favorite craft and mixed media web sites to inspire you. Now maybe I will get inspired soon. I’m working on it.

 Dharma Trading Co

Dyes, paints, resists supplies for stamping and screen printing

Jacquard Products

Jacquard dyes, and fabric paints

Dick Blick Art Supplies


Jewelry Supplies


Mixed Media Supplies

Sewing supplies

20th Annual Sacramento Arts Festival!    Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Hello Friends!

I’d like to invite you to come join the fun at the 20th Annual Sacramento Arts Festival! It's the perfect place to shop for yourself, your home and for one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts.

225 of America's best contemporary craftspeople and fine artist will be offering their original works. Shop from a wondrous selection including paintings, sculpture, drawings, printmaking, photography, jewelry, ceramics, clothing, glass, wood, ornaments, furniture, leather, metal, stone, and two and three-dimensional mixed media.

You can also enjoy spectacular jazz, blues and comedy entertainment.

Plus I’ll be there! Come visit me in Booth # 720
See you there!

Yvonne Warren

jewels and fiber




NOVEMBER 3, 4, 5, 2017



Shop For Yourself, Your Home & For One-of-a-Kind Christmas Gifts

Continuous Live Jazz, Blues & Comedy Entertainment!
Plentiful Food & Drink! Wonderful Fun!

Entrance at 14th & J Streets
Friday & Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 5pm
Tickets at the Door: $8 Adults, $7 Seniors, Children Under 12 Free




I'm not a writer    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am not a writer or journalist, in fact I haven't been much of a blogger this month. I have been busy getting ready for three back to back weekend shows.  I have been sewing and beading like crazy. Seems like I waited til the last minute to get everything ready.  I worried I won't have enough inventory to last me through all my shows.  But I always worry about that. 

I have been crazy busy making a variety of colorful bracelets, some sewn, some beaded and some fabric wrapped using vintage jewelry parts.     


I also have been busy making handbags and clutches.


Beaded necklaces and my one-of-a kind endless tube scarves. 



Here are couple of links to my shows:

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