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Welcome to jewels and fiber

 Welcome to Jewels & Fiber where we specialized in handcrafted jewelry, handbags and wearables, including mixed media art supplies and the latest in crafting techniques. We offer art supplies to delight your inner artist. Custom made works, quilts, and beadwork as well as other techniques, classes, demos, and the Boutique. Check out the jewelry making tools, rubberstamping supplies, surface design materials, clay and paper crafts.
Jewels & Fiber offers high quality art materials, tools and creative workshops.


Burnt or Pumpkin Orange, Amber

Similar color to amber, as you see in the picture, and perfect for this summer. 

polymer clay beadsWhile some may think of pumpkin orange or amber as a fall color, the spring runways showed that this color transcends seasons. The amber-brown undertones give an earthy and elegant feel, according to Pantone. 

It looks like this color will be around until at least the fall. 


Buttercream, Chamomile, Ivory

Neutrals are required when utilizing a colorful summer. The yellow-tinted ivory and buttercream bring elegance.

Pantone Colors of the Year of yellow and gray work perfectly for this group of colors.

Cherry Red, Fiery Red, Coral 

Bright colors are important when standing out from a crowd and this color is definitely a beautiful color. 

Whenever summer comes around, we tend to think of the fruits of summer, the blueberries, cherries, and berries overall. Adding the coral coloring to a necklace or other piece of jewelry will create that great summer vibe. 

Summer Colors

What is really great about the colors of summer is the mixing of neutrals with natural gems. And being able to make it yourself rather than finding an antique ivory or coral piece that might have negative connotations. 

Finding an amber piece might be easier, but you have to distinguish between amber and copal. Copal is a younger preserved resin of 30 million years or less and therefore is not amber, which is hardened resin older than 30 million years. 

And who really wants insects in their jewelry?




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