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3 Simple Free, Easy Ways For an Exciting Earth Day

Earth Day  

Earth Day is tomorrow, and I have found the best way to celebrate the day by doing what I have always done. 

1. I first decided only to buy what could be recycled. What this means is that I Refuse to buy things that cannot be recycled so that I minimize my waste. Each town or county has a recycling program, but not all allow every waste product. Therefore, I choose aluminum cans over glass bottles. Glass comes with significantly high energy costs for recycling, and many counties find it harder to recycle. I can use those aluminum cans for my crafting needs afterward! 


2. There is a reason I have certain pieces of equipment in my studio. I Reuse them repeatedly to make new and exciting products for classes and to sell. Instead of throwing them away, I reuse many items until they can no longer be used. This is why my paint cloths can be reused as other products. Using canvas this way produces unique purses and other objects during my fall sales. 

Typically, in a day, I will reuse the following:

  •       the plates for my lunches, 
  •       the glasses for my drinks, 
  •       my silverware for eating,
  •       my tools of the trade while in the studio.


3. One of the most exciting ways to participate in recycling is by finding new ways to Repurpose an item. I teach classes on creating things that repurpose old items into brand-new upscaled and upcycled items. For example, my courses on Art Journals, like the one coming up in May, repurpose paint on paper. The Junk Drawer Hearts class, done last year, repurposed bits and pieces found in your jewelry box to make something new. The new course, Tin Jewelry, uses tin cans and boxes to create beautiful jewelry. 


I bet you can figure out new and exciting ways to repurpose items. And I hope to see you in one of my classes coming soon.