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Surface Design Amazing Artwork, Jewelry, and More! 
Surface Design

In our previous class at the studio, I taught the Surface Design members how to create and recreate a Venetian art glass effect. We did this without using glass! The idea came from intaglio, an Italian word for engraving. This historic jewelry-making concept has been around ever since glass was produced. You might have seen similar ideas with signet rings and cameo pins of the Victorian ages. Unique intaglios were used for wax seals, so having a piece of jewelry on you meant the letter came from you. 


The Romans used hard stones of amethyst, agate, garnet, jasper, and cornelian with their cut intaglio or engraved designs to authenticate the letters they sent. Once glass became available, cameo glass, invented by Romans around 30BC, achieved layering the glass. However, as the glass was more delicate material, few remaining pieces survived. 


This type of glass makes it look like gems but without the added cost. Plus, once you know how to create this Venetian art glass effect, which uses no glass, you can continue to create pieces that can go with any outfit. 


We created this necklace in the Surface Design meeting, and it was a perfect start for spring. 

We will have a meeting in April at 1:00 pm on the fourth Thursday of each month. While we do not meet in July or August as many members take vacations, nor in November or December as there are too many holidays to celebrate, we do come together to share ideas and create unusual items. 


All materials are included with each session as part of being a member of the Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts. 


Check out what Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts does with the next general meeting on May 11, 2023, at 12:30 pm at the Shepard Garden and Art Center.