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An Amazing Class of Gelli Plate Printing with My Students

We had so much fun creating these Gelli Plate pages and cloths that I did not take that many pictures. I think being able to share my studio, crafting space, and knowledge with others is extremely important. How can artists have true enjoyment and hone their craft to their satisfaction without the interaction of students, clients, and fans?  

I think that having a class like this, where I show the techniques needed, and then they create to their hearts content, is good for everyone. They were able to layer the patterns, choose their colors, and come up with some gorgeous patterns. Having others figure out what they want allowed me to see some designs that I would never have thought of myself. 

techniques in Gelli Plate Printing

As they learned the techniques, I could see their progress through the class. This one student, as you can see in this picture, used a swirling pattern. By adding extra blue on the layering process, she made a living, moving piece of art. 


Some of the processes are show here, using the stencils that were used. Circles and hearts seemed to work well, so that we could show the colors below or use stamping above. Stencils used


Thank you to everyone who came, and I look forward to using these papers and cloths in my next project. 


Next month’s class will be on Junk Drawer Hearts, a popular class that fills up quickly. Sign up here to get your spot.