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Amazing Workshop with Creative People 

 Art to Wear Creative Workshop

There is something to be said about being with like-minded creative people. While some need alone time to create, getting together once a month allows your thoughts and ideas to bounce. You can try different mediums, supplies, and formats with others making suggestions. Maybe you find a fun new way to make something, by going to a meetup or workshop. 


The Surface Design and Mixed Media Study Group in conjunction with the Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts got together this week. The creativity and sharing of ideas were fabulous. We had many beautiful papers to choose from as you can see with these two collages. 


We used a die cutting machine and earring die shapes to make unique and different styles. While all of the earrings were a hanging variety, the different shapes and sizes work well for anyone. The textures and depth of the earring art allows the focus to move upwards. I love how creating this art allows me to teach and collaborate with others. I can mix and match finds and extra beads made and use the foundation to create something new. 


All because of a workshop of like-minded creative people getting together to make something new and interesting. Our next workshop will happen on March.  


And on the way to March madness, we will have some Metal Mania. The first class is March 21, first full day of spring! What better way to enjoy than with a hands-on class? We will cut, dap and patina copper, brass and other thin metals. The colors you can achieve are amazing. Sign up for the class using the link. Let’s get together soon!