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An Interesting, Sophisticated Art Journal Creation Class


Creating an altered book of images and text that empower your creativity, sounds ideal. When you can do each step in a batch, and create in 15-minute increments, you will find a completed project of art journaling. 

What are the eight steps that you will learn during this beginner class? 

Cutting the watercolor paper to even sizes, usually 5.5 by 7.5 inches works best. We will cut out between 12 and 16 pages per journal. I will have this part done for you so that the true first step is next.

  1. Paint: Using acrylic paint on the watercolor paper will allow there to be a stiffness for each page. Five to six different colors of acrylic paints plus black and white for the end of the process. 
  2. The paper is scrapbook, magazine, or collectible memorabilia called ephemera is usually printed or written. Scraps of paper that can be glued with a glue stick to put on your pages. 
  3. Washi Tape: Washi tape is different from regular tape as it has designs on it and has a sticky backing. Try for only five different ones, with a few colors at most. 
  4. Rubber stamps: Using rubber stamps with either black or white acrylic paint allows you some layering to the images. I would suggest stamps that are with words, gears, or dots. Use the acrylic paint sparingly on the stamps so that there is no drips. 
  5. Stencils need heavy black or white paint. Sometimes the best stencils are leftovers or dollies. 
  6. Go through your magazines and find pictures of that are happy and inspiring. Pick out things that you like. 
  7. Go through those same magazines and look for words that work well with the images. You will be putting both images and text down with glue sticks. Or if you have word stickers, you can use these as well. 
  8. Lastly, you can use pens or pencils or gel pens for color, shading and outlining the images. You might even find space to put your own words. 

The class will be in two weeks and I am gearing up for an awesome class. Instead of just 15 minutes a day, we will complete a beautiful journal for you to take home. To sign up for the class, please visit the workshop page. Looking forward to seeing you on April 23, at 11 am. Sign up now, as there are only a few spots left! 
The Eight Steps