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Presidents’ Day Class - Gelli Plate Workshop – Art Therapy for Yourself

Print Layering

What better way to enjoy the long weekend than with creating your happy creativity? In this class we will be using Gelli Plates, either store bought or created and make some fabulous art! We will create hand printed papers using amazing colors, textures and layers. 


This process is so fun and it is a great class for beginners. You can make colorful backgrounds, using different colored acrylic paints and different brayers. You want to make sure that the extra paint does not go into the other colors unless you want it. Otherwise, you will have a muddied look. 


Textured pages can be made because you can have layers of paint. It will make the background look three dimensional and wonderful for cards or wrapping paper, or any other possible paper product use. You can do the same with fabrics too, to take a plain canvas into an extraordinary piece of cloth. 


Once you have figured out your paints, layers and stamping or stenciling, you do need to work fast. Acrylic paint can dry pretty quickly. Remember to press down on the paper or fabric and use your brayer tool to smooth out the page. You might also put another paper or cloth down on top to soak in all the paint. 


You could do a quick paper down and pull back up just as quickly. You might find you can use it over and over to get the same images on a few pages. 


What is so cool about this Gelli Plate Workshop is that you get help from an artist so that once you have the methodology down, you can continue to create to your heart’s fulfilment. And that seems like the best way to enjoy Presidents’ Day, with Art Therapy for yourself. Sign up for the workshop!