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Artistic Summer View and Bright Bold Colors For The Last Hurrah!

Did you hear on the news that Home Depot already sold out on its first round of Halloween decorations? Personally, I would have thought it a little too soon, yet the candy is out at the local grocery stores. It can be hard to be creatively inspired when everyone turns to fall sooner. 

Summer Colors

Having a creative mind means being able to turn off the outside elements and make something beautiful. While artists have windows in their studios, for the light, most artists tend to look inwards to create their handmade designs. 


When the news states “Pumpkin Spice Latte out now!”, I reach for my turquoise and silver necklace, to hold onto summer. 


Summer is of whimsy, of bright colors, and of geometric designs. It is wearable art for your ears, neck, and wrists. Even if you have to go back to school or to work, you can recall summer with mixed and painted colors of blues, reds, and yellows. 


Richly hued colors with all the different variations, motifs, and patterns are all part of summer. Before we subdue into fall, let’s make this summer end on an exciting note, with bright boldness and water splashes, with stimulating travel plans and pretty jewelry, bags, and sandals. 


Fall will come soon enough. The festivals and fiestas, increased traffic with school buses and field trips, and the hurried rush towards the holidays will be here. For now, we step back a moment and enjoy the summer’s fun. 


Enjoy summer with me, with several boutique items available. These are unique, handmade items perfect for the last bits of summer.