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Shibori Fabric Dyeing Class at Crocker Art Museum September 17


The blues are here to stay. While it is still hot, we can think of the cool colors coming this fall. The indigo blue, while not the same as the colors of the New York Fashion Week, are similar to the Polar Night, a Pantone color for fall. 


During this time of summer to fall, we often think of doing nothing but being indoors to escape the heat, drinking cold or cool water with a lemon. Or we head outside and find the shade or the waters to keep us cool. Both options, being inside or out, still have that hint of the blue color. 

Cool Blues for Now

What is Blue? 

When you describe the color blue to a painter, they know it is a primary color of the three known, red, green, and blue. These colors, when mixed with each other, create a vast number of colors. When you talk blue in the form of optics and color theory, Isaac Newton considered blue to be the primary within the seven colors on the visible spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Indigo now is considered a hue of blue. 


The shades of blue between violet and cyan include:

  •       pure blue (without any other mixtures of color), 
  •       azure or deep sky blue, 
  •       aqua and cyan, which is both blue and green,
  •       absolute zero, which is more blue than green,
  •       cobalt blue, which is 67% blue and 28% green,
  •       denim, which is 74% blue, 38% green, and 8% red,
  •       Blue pigment, which is 60% blue, 20% green, and 20% red,
  •       Cornflower blue, which is 93% blue, 58% green, and 39% red,


Plus, there are so many blues of grays, violets, and greens. Such as baby blue, sky blue, and blue bell.


While my Shibori Fabric Dyeing class will not go over all the different blues, we will see some amazing ones during the session. You can sign up online with the link. If you want to learn more about the dyeing process, I went in-depth about it on my website: Shibori Cloth Dyeing  and Shibori 101


Stay cool and enjoy the summer. The class will be on September 17, 2022 from 10:30 to 1 pm at Crocker Art Museum.