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Calming Teal Deal: Pop with Zeal, Feel the Steel, Move the Wheel! 
Calming Teal Deal: Pop with Zeal, Feel the Steel, Move the Wheel!

Teal Is the Real Deal!

What is it about teal that makes us feel calm? While we might not be near the ocean, the color invokes images of calming seas and darkening skies. The color itself was not termed until 1917 when a duck was named the common teal. Their eyes are surrounded by this unusual color. 


One of the 2022 Spring/Summer London Color Palette is called Cascade, a light teal color. They state this color is “connected to cleansing waters, dreamy Cascade cools and refreshes”. This reason alone sounds great for the new year. To refresh and renew. It combines the color of blue (calm) with green (renewal). Teal is also a trending color both the young and not so young. I hope that Pantone considers it for the Color of the Year. We might have to wait a little longer to know. 

Calm and Creative

When I made the earrings and little purses, I felt calm and creative. The leather earrings felt smooth to the touch, with silver accents and charms. And silver drop wires to complete the look. The Glorietta Bags, teeny tiny bags that hold keys, cards and chapsticks, remind me of my younger days, when there was less to carry around. They too have silver accents with the zipper closures.


A perfect gift for that someone special, beautiful, upcycled art to wear earrings packaged in a teeny tiny bag and wrapped with teal cloth. You can find all the items you need at my boutique, online or in person.