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Shibori Cloth Dyeing and Shibori 101 

Shibori Cloth Dyeing Materials As I mentioned before, Shibori cloth dyeing is a Japanese term for the method of cloth dyeing. It involves binding, stitching, folding, twisting and compressing. I will be teaching the class on April 24th, two days after Earth Day this year. Three or four techniques will be taught, when we experiment with this fascinating method. 

The colors for Shibori cloth dyeing are of the beautiful blues and indigos along with the white. We will try out the different dyes to find what works best for your fabrics. The white happens because of the binding and folding. And there are ombrè shades of blue, from dark to light as the colors spread. 


You want to make sure to pre-wash and dry your fabrics before the class. I would also suggest hand washing and air drying your lace as well. Once we put the materials into the dye, they will stay that way for a long time. It will be interesting to see the different textures and patterns that come from this class as well. 


This class will be held outdoors, in the backyard of the shop. It should be a beautiful day, with the highs in the upper 60s. We will start at 11 am and this is open to anyone that is 18 or older. While I stated that it was in intermediate course, it is open to all levels. I want to make sure that everyone follows directions well, as the dye is a bit strong. 


You will want to bring your apron and gloves so that you do not get your work clothes and hands stained. While henna might be great for your hands, indigo dye rarely is! 


What I truly love of this Shibori process is that we can turn something old into something new again. You can be quite creative with the process, learn something new and create something beautiful. I hope you can join me Saturday, April 24th at 11 am. Here is link to sign up online. See you then!