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Color of the Year by Pantone: Very Peri
“Encouraging Personal Inventiveness and Creativity”
color of the year from Pantone

Although I was hoping for a teal or turquoise or orange color, this blue color of a violet red is quite imaginative. While reading the write up from, I noticed some interesting words such as: 

      Altered Landscape

When I think of the color blue, I think of loyalty, tranquility, and trust. The colors of purple are more in line with words such as luxury, nobleness, and mystery. And red colors seem to be of energy, strength, and power. 

Spring colors

I guess when you add up the mixture of all of these colors to get Very Peri (a deep periwinkle color), those words above make more sense. 


Balance between cool blues and warm reds allows you to have a color that works with all the colors of the seasons. While we see the newest color palette from London, Very Peri also mixes well with previous colors of yellow, gray, blue, and coral. 


I do know that the colors of Spring, from London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022, have colors that will go with Very Peri. 


Even though Pantone talks about using the color of the year with some of their other colors, I think the neutrals of the spring work nicely with the color of the year. And turquoise, teal, and oranges contribute to color pops and fashion forwardness. 


How are you going to use Very Peri in your art to wear next year? Check out some of the workshops I will have next year and see how we can incorporate this newest color.