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Sacramento Colorful Creative Art Sale Smart for You to See

Creative Art Supplies
Cool Ways to Kickstart Your Creativeness

What better way to kickstart your craftiness than with a sale? I know that sometimes my clients and students lose some of their creative beings or they get into a slump.  Maybe they are seeing the same things on Pinterest or Instagram or wherever they may go for inspiration. They are just not finding that beautiful object or color or whatever, which will create a: WOW, This is what I want to do! 


Most artists create something every day. Some days it is fermenting the ideas, designing, or brainstorming. Sometimes we sketch the idea or mixing colors to form new ones. Maybe “play” with some new materials to see what works on a piece of fabric or paper. Once we have the idea of what we want to create that is when the magic happens and you see the finished product at a show or the shop. 

Helping You

I hope to help you in your creative process. I will be selling art supplies at the Shepard’s Garden and Arts Center Fall Sale. Other vendors will sell plants, jewelry, vintage items, art, and flowers. I am selling my gently used art supplies. Some items are newer than others. Come and check out the sale and where it is located. Free admission and parking. 

New Shows Coming! 

I am gearing up for the Sacramento Center For the Textile Arts show. That show is called the 2021 Art to Wear & More Show and Sale. It will be happening November 13, with a fashion show at 10 am and the sale at 11 am. More information will be coming soon about this show.