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Pantone’s Colors For This Winter Season Trend From Vibrant to Unusual 

Trends of Fall and Winter

In studying the colors of the two articles that came out this year from Fashion Week in New York and London, there are definite trends. I will list them here, along with the color palettes of the two articles. You can read what they wrote for free on the Pantone website, also listed below. This image will open into a new window to see the text better. 

Let us start with the Autumn (Fall) and Winter 2022/2023 Color Palettes:

The colors of fall typically have colors you would see in the trees changing colors. Reds, golds, greens, and browns. Variations on those color palettes for each year tend to happen, depending on the mood of the country and the water levels the trees received during the summer. If it was a wet summer, the colors of fall are vibrant and bursting with feeling. If it was a dry summer, the colors of fall will be muted, without much variation. 

This year seemed to be a wet summer, with vibrant colors of yellows, golds, oranges, and “Amazon and Abundant Green”. 

The colors tend to show in Pantone’s Fall Winter list from Red to Green, with a mixed-up rainbow of colors, instead of the normal rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo. In the Spring/Summer palettes, both New York and London show the normal rainbow colors, with some variations. It is interesting to note that both fashion weeks showed “Waterspout”, a light blue, in their line-up.

They also showed browns of “Caramel Café” and “Chicory Coffee”, which makes me think of cool nights and hot drinks. I guess they were thinking the same! Also, it is interesting to note, both lists ended with an unusual olive green, New York with a “Martini Olive” and London with a “Cardamom Seed”. 

  1. The reds for both palettes mention lava, either with “Lava Falls” of New York or “Molten Lava” of London. It is interesting to me, as neither has any volcanic mountains near them, at least not like we have here in the west. 
  2. Their oranges mentioned animals, an “Orange Tiger” of New York and a “Dragon Fire” of London. Who knows, the second “Dragon Fire” might have to do with the new TV series called “House of the Dragon”, which started filming in London in April of 2022. 
  3. Both have pinks and purples within their palettes, which I normally think of for spring. Two different violets, a “Rose” and a “Meadow” while the pinks, “Nosegay” and “Strawberry Cream” are two plants grown in the spring and summer. 

Typically, these are the colors of fall, the reds, oranges, and yellows, but I believe that pink and purple, in their many variations, are here for 2023. The quotes above lend themselves to the vibrancy of the colors and the clashes that are a part of life.

The core classics are also similar, with off-white, cream, gray, and a dark blue of some sort appearing in both. The only difference? New York has a green, while London has an orangey-brown. 

Therefore, you cannot go wrong with an off-white or cream core clothing in your closet, while having a splash of color in a purse or piece of jewelry. 

In two weeks, I will have the observations of the Spring/Summer 2023 trends so that you know what to get to add to your collection before the holiday season begins. For now, please check the calendar for the places I will be this November.

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