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Create Your Art to Wear in Fabric Beaded Necklace! 

Fabric Beaded Necklace class

This class starts your jewelry making creative journey for the new year. By taking this class, you will learn exciting ways to use mixed media and embellishments. The finished product will be as unique as you. 


Learn in a beginner’s class the infinite possibilities of bead making. Choose colors and fabrics that reflect your winter and spring palettes, either using warm or cool colors to create a fashion piece and art to wear. 


Warm colors include:

Red, orange, and yellow and their coordinating colors such as golds and terra-cotta. When you think of warm, you think of the yellow sun, the brick house, or the Sahara sands. These colors represent sunlight and heat, with feelings of cozy, passion, and friendliness. 


Other colors in the warm category include browns, tans, and olives, typically the earth colors as well as the natural stones of coral and amber. Deeper colors like maroon or brick, rust or chocolate, these are the warms of colors. If there is the hint of yellow or orange in the base, most likely you will have a warm color. 


Cool colors include:

Blue, green, and purple and their coordinating colors like berry colors, jade and emerald, water and sky. When you think of cool, you think of winter, snow, water and sky and the colors make you feel calm, soothed, and refreshed. Silver, light gray, and blue-gray of slate are the colors of the cool side. If there is a hint of blue, you will have a cool color. 


We will incorporate your colors with paint, spacer beads, and wire to make a beautiful art to wear project you will enjoy wearing. 


Class size is limited, reserve your spot now.