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Feeling Good Creating Art While Learning From OthersFeeling Good Creating Art

A study done in 2016 and reported in Science Daily, of adults participating in a craft class stated that the attendees had improved mental and physical health, and that they had more satisfaction overall in their lives. 

“Participants also said that the classes broadened their networks of friends and gave them an increased sense of belonging. We also found that the more someone felt part of their group, the more their health and wellbeing improved.”

When there is good interaction not only between the instructor and the students as well as between the students, then people can feel connected to new friends. They can build relationships with others in the class. 


Art relieves stress, as it can be a sort of meditation. It focuses your mind on creating whatever object, whether it is a piece of jewelry, a painting, or a journal. It pushes away your worries and you can feel mentally calm as you create something new. 


Creating artwork boosts your self-esteem as you work with others to create your project. The activity releases dopamine into your system, to propel you to reach a desired outcome. This boosts your drive, focus, and concentration and leads to that beautiful piece. 

“I not only teach classes; I also love to take classes too. I made this beaded and wire bracelet at the SCTA Bead Study group taught by member Anne DeStefano. I added one of my favorite charms. Thank you Anne for this technique. I plan to make more of them,” says Yvonne Warren. 

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