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Collaboration with Sister Quilting Collective Free Lace Workshop 


On August 11, I designed and taught a lace workshop with and for the Sister Quilting Collective (SQC). In this class, I showed them how to use their own yarns, threads, and ribbons to make an original lace textile. We supplied free lace adhesive sheets at the workshop, two per lace sheet. 

Creating Lace Textile in Free Workshop 

I suggested to the students to bring their own colors of threads, ribbons and yarns to make their own patterns and color blocks. Their results were great. Everyone enjoyed making their original lace textile. 


The quilting clubs of the past and present, are similar to the workshop and being together. I taught the techniques and the how-to and sewed the two adhesive sheets together, and the students showed me beautiful ribbons, colorful yarns, and exquisite threads. 

We used portable sewing machines from Janome, which allows multiple types of stitching. 

We used a simple technique:

  •       Place the ribbons and threads in a random arrangement on the adhesive free lace sheet.
  •       Some will go end to end, or corner to diagonal corner, up and down or left to right. It does not really matter, yet allows for consistency if they desire. 
  •       The patterns go in the middle of the two adhesive sheets. These free sheets are water-soluble.
  •       I machine stitched in a grid pattern to secure the arrangement in place. 
  •       Lastly, the piece goes into water and the sheets dissolve, leaving the lace textile in place. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the process and the finished product is above. 

Yarn Used

Class WorkingEnd to End  Almost Done! Dissolving Solution

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