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A Creatively Sustainable, Colorful Class and Wonderful Happy Students

 Colorful Towels

Painted Purse Class 

I enjoyed teaching this class! Everyone had a great, fun time. We started with painting the canvas fabric with
some wonderful paints:

paints including purple

Applied the base paint: 

adding the base color in class

Stamping with rubber stamps:


Then we layered on rubber stamps and stencils for texture:
Deb laying down stamps

Cathy is finished with her design

Added some embellishments with trim 
or buttons.

 A purse up close


 Cutting and designing the purse:

Cutting and designing

We then sewed the bags from start to finish:  
All stitching away

All of them came out beautifully, and I really think they all loved them. Everyone created the large satchel with or without an outside pocket. Everyone was able to choose their favorite colors. 


Happy Students with beautiful painted purse bags 


It is so gratifying to see happy students enjoying their creativity. We used canvas that was nicely softened from use, yet firm enough to hold the paints. 

beautiful design 


These painted purses are fabulous for any time of the year, and can go with a variety of outfits. The surface design and patterns are unique to each person. A do-it-yourself project that creates a handmade, custom bag that is part of the art therapy movement. Like I stated in an earlier post, these types of handbags are very popular and in vogue



Here are some of the other pictures from the class. Thank you, Students, I had so much fun! Thank you and Welcome! 


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