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People Metals to Paper Do Your Unusual Happy Art

Two classes in one month of creative people making metals conform into jewelry leads me to a relaxing foray to paper. I created an art journaling class to show you the techniques to making your own motivational and inspiring pages. Just looking at these pages in your art journal may help you become more imaginative when creating art. 

Creating Your Happy

I have been diving in to the art journaling world in more detail. What I have found is a creative outlet that allows me to batch create beautiful pages one step at a time. 


I will get watercolor paper and cut the sheets to have 4x6 inches. I use a paper cutter to make the edges straight and can do more than a few sheets at a time. I try to make at least 24 pages at a time so that I can then get into the rhythm of cut, cut, move to the side, cut, cut, move to the side. Done enough times I have 24 pages then to paint. 


What is so perfect with this class is that you can use your crafting items long forgotten and use them up. I had a bunch of acrylic paints and paper glue that I used for another project and now they can work well for this project too. I can then get ready for the next step, the painting of the pages. 


Join me on April 23, at the studio at 11 am for a class on How to Make an Art Journal in 8 Easy Steps. Find enjoyment with this beginner’s class in a relaxing and happy setting.