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Excited Wonderful ReUsing Good Creative New Journaling for You 

Art journaling

There are many ways to create your happy with art therapy. I have found that creating these pages for my art journals a therapeutic activity. There may be stressors going on in the world around me. In the art studio, surrounded by my creativity, I am wonderful and excited. I hope I can entice you to come to my next class, where we will go through the steps for a mixed media art journal for you.

My research into mixed media journaling led me to an Art Journaling magazine. It is a newish magazine published by Stampington & Company. Many magazines have stopped publishing, including today's news of Martha Stewart Living (MSL). That magazine's last publication date is May 2022. 

The company Stampington & Company took a new approach to magazines, where subscriptions rule. Instead of advertisers taking valuable space, they rely on subscriptions. They only print a certain amount, and very little extra. This practice is sustainable because the eye candy (photography) is exceptional. They allow artists to explain their crafts, tools, and classes. Subscribers can get a printed magazine or digital or both!

The artistry of a magazine can shine through its pages to reach new heights and new ideas to try. While I may use words and pictures to create my art journals, these magazines can be perfect for ephemera. Ephemera is the bits and pieces artists use for collages and mixed media art. 

Magazines such as Strawberry Moon, Uppercase, and Field Guide to Every Day Magic continue this business model. They have beautiful pictures and articles, and then you can reuse to create your own. 

Learn how to do so in my class How to Make an Art Journal in 8 Easy Steps. The class is April 23, 2022, starting at 11 am at my studio. Let's have some fun and create exciting art journals!