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Happy New Year! Exciting News! 

I talked to a client of mine who is so interested in these mixed media art journals. She would like to know how to make them. 

Creating Mixed Media Art Journals

I saw this art form quite a bit last year and I think it is a great trend, and have made several over the years. 


You can see in the picture a couple of the pages from the two I made. 

      Type of Art Form

This type of art form really helps your creative mind, and it is something that can be used with all different types of media, from photographs to magazines, stickers, stamps, washi tape, glue, paint. You can add depth and bind it in a book. 

I have heard there is a magazine that just came out as well, which shows some wonderful art and the creative journals all over the country and world. Her very first issue is coming out this month, and I hope to see other artists' work as well. 

                         Others Create DEFINITIONS

From Artful Haven: “An art journal is a visual diary where you practice making art while expressing yourself at the same time. ... An art journal can be anything, really. You can make your own, buy them in a shop, use old books, notebooks, planners, etc. Anything goes as long as you do it for yourself, have fun and use it to express yourself.”

From Get Messy Art: “Art journaling is an ancient (we imagine, probably), secret (no longer, not sorry) practice that takes you from creative dreaming to creative DOING… art journaling is all about creating for the sake of creating.

I Decided to Create a CLASS

I decided to teach a class on how to make these mixed media art journals. To make it accessible to more people, it will be an online class! There will be lessons and a kit to go with the class. I will have more information about it in the next couple of articles, including a flip-through of a final product. 

Please stay tuned to the class schedule and the newsletter for this unusual, interesting, and creative art class.