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Fun Fabulous Full Class Learned How to Create Repurposed Jewelry! 

Creatively Repurposed

Sunday’s class at the Crocker Arts Museum was a fabulously fun and full class of beginners of the jewelry making. There were fourteen people in the class, one of which you see her created jewelry in this picture. 


The class took place at the museum to happy people wanting to learn how to create jewelry. Only two or three actually knew how to make or use the jewelry making tools, which was fine with me. We had marketed this as a beginner class and it just goes to show you how many want to learn when they have an artist teaching them. It also goes to show you that we all have little bits and pieces that can be repurposed to making something new. I love the fact that there were so many that wanted to learn. 


Which is why this Saturday will be a very small class learning all the advanced skills of soldering, stamping, and etching. You can also see some of the supplies we will use to work with copper and brass pieces. Both of these metals were historically used to create fine pieces of jewelry and art. They were the background, to show off the brilliance of the gems, helping them shine in the candlelight. 


While we will be using modern tools, we will use found, old bits and metal pieces. You need strong hands and good eyes to work with metal and gems. By the time the class is finished, our creative juices will give rise to more projects and fun events. Stay tuned and make sure to sign up for my newsletter for more great happenings coming soon!