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How to Be Happy About Change of Seasons
And Yes, You Can Still Wear Denim

Some people are very happy to see September and the Fall that comes with the month. Others wish summer would stick around a little longer. Both have their wishes come true this month, as the weather is still hot. As I mentioned before, the blue colors of denim and Shibori Cloth remind us of both fall and summer. These colors go well with a number of other colors for both seasons. 

 Summer to Fall, How to Be Happy

While the children and young adults go back to school, the rest of us need our art therapy. What better way to do so than with my 
Shibori Fabric Dyeing class on September 17, 2022. 

Here are some ways to be happy about the change of seasons.


  •       It will get cooler. I think we can all be happy about that. 
  •       The colors of fall are beautiful, especially the reds, oranges, golden yellows and dark blues of the sky between the leaves.
  •       Festivals will be back. 
  •       Octoberfest actually starts in September with crisp apples and pumpkins.
  •       Cinnamon, both the color and the spice, start coming back into the fabric arts and foods again. 
  •       Many activities can be done outside and outside is good. 
  •       We can take walks again and listen to the birds too, as they clamor to each other.
  •       We can find inspiration from a walk or being outside, and create beauty. 


There are many more things that we can do to find happiness in the changing of the seasons. I am looking forward to seeing you at my class at the Crocker Art Museum on September 17. Please sign up on their website, and you might have to join the waitlist.