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How to Create a New Unique Fabric Beaded Necklace

Creating a Unique Fabric Beaded Necklace 
Creating a Unique Fabric Beaded Necklace

Imagine having a necklace that matched or complemented your outfit? One necklace that can do that is with fabric. You might have extra fabric in the suit jacket or pants you hemmed. What if you could use those fabrics to create a one-of-a-kind necklace? In this class, Fabric Beaded Necklace, I will show you how. 


This class is a perfect way to get into creative gear early in the new year. The class will be on Tuesday, January 17, from 11 am to 5 pm. We need time for the glue to dry, but most of the time we will be creating. You can bring your own fabric or use the fabric I from the class. 


If you decide to bring your own fabric pieces, I would suggest pre-cutting one-inch by three-inch strips of silk, cotton, or muslin. It is better to use natural clothing materials rather than synthetics as we will use heat guns. 


I would also suggest if you bring your own fabric to make sure the designs are small as these are beads. You might find textures will work well. While a fabric might be plain, we can embellish it with paint, stencils, and stamps. 


The embellishments increase the fabric texture and design to work well with your outfits. As you see in the sample picture, a necklace like this would work well with a simple black dress or pantsuit. The necklace becomes your art to wear and statement piece. 


The class is a beginner’s level, and I will teach you jewelry making techniques that incorporate paint, crystals, wire and our newly created fabric beads. 


You can sign up for the fabric beaded necklace class here. Space is limited and I look forward to seeing you at the class!