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Lovely Little Leather Lipstick Bag for Love to Luxuriate

These lovely little leather bags are perfect for lipstick, a small phone or cards, and keys. Vogue consistently shows small bags in their articles. So do Marie Claire, Oprah, and Real Simple. Why is that the case?


Lovely Little Lipstick BagPart of the reason is we are starting to go out more often. Yet we do not want to take EVERYTHING with us. We can always hang the hand sanitizer off the strap, but we want to be unencumbered and hands-free. We want small because we can move through the people going out and not be bumping into someone else. We can stay in our sphere yet still engage with others.   


This type of purse helps us do that. 


It is small, just like the small bags on the runway this fall. It is of the colors of fall, perfect for dressing up or down. The strap is long enough to cross over your body, keeping it secure. The metal latch is either a twist lock closure or snap, and it has a back pocket for easy access to your id or cards. 


It is sustainable leather that was recycled from other places, sticking with my philosophy to upcycle whenever possible. Leather lasts a long time and this style will last as long as the leather does. 


It is the perfect little leather lipstick bag that holds so much more. You can find it at my shop at 2438 Loma Vista Drive, Sacramento 95825 or online.