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Metal Mania Moves to Spring Soldering Copper and Brass

Metal Mania Moves to Spring Soldering 

What is Solder?
Solder is a low-melting alloy. An alloy is a mixture of chemical elements, of which one is a metal. The alloy will retain all the properties of the metal, such as luster. However, they may have properties that differ from pure metals. Alloys may have increased strength or hardness, which may be important when creating jewelry and designs. So choose the best alloy for your solder product. 


The solder is a fusible metal that creates a permanent bond between metal pieces. It is melted to wetness and becomes part of the joint. This process allows it to adhere to and connect the pieces after it cools and dries. 


How to Fuse? 
Using high temperatures and solder equipment, you can bring together two pieces of metal to make one. Solder makes that happen, and your equipment (and high energy) bring those pieces together. 


What Metals Are Used? 
The p metals used as alloys are copper, nickel, and lead. Copper is best for making jewelry or jewelry products as it improves the wetting properties of molten solder. Nickel, while used in jewelry making, has been found to decrease the enjoyability of jewelry as people can be allergic. Lead was used in the past and is toxic. Tin is usually used instead and can be the structural metal of the alloy. 


Creating Patterns and Design Your Own Jewelry

One of the important ways to create designs is by using red rubber stamps. These red rubber stamps are ambiguous with paper card designs as well as for making jewelry. We will use these red rubber stamps to create patterns and make new designs in the class on April 18 at 11:30 am. 


We will create earrings and pendants for you to take home that day. I am looking forward to seeing what you create. 

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