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Metals Recreated Better, Surprising You to Create Jewelry

Hardware Stores are not just for Home Projects!
Altered Metals for Jewelry

Stamping Metals 

One of my favorite ways to make jewelry is through stamping metals. I check to see what home project had leftover materials, scrap metals, or tools. Then I head to the hardware store for some soft metals and chains. 

ReUse, ReCycle, ReCreate

You can reuse items that are probably already in your house. Who would have thought that the hammer you used for nails could work so well for jewelry making? You might find that the copper wire for the completed electrical projects will come in handy for your jewelry.

The techniques to make the patterns, textures, and designs are what make each item unusual. Then you can use stamps and alphabet letters or symbols to make your item unique. You are recreating something old into something new. The old item may have memories attached, and you can create new memories with this new item. 

Personally, I love to use one of my old chains to make a new necklace. Having different colors or shapes is great, as I can change it to go with each outfit or outing. 

I will show you what items work best for your jewelry making. Once the class is over, you can look for these items in your home. I would suggest setting up a box of tools and materials. Then find a place in your home where you can make some noise. The pat, pat, pat, of metal on metal can be harmonious to some but not everyone. 

Patina New Objects to Look Old

I’ll also show you how to patina (“a green or brown film on the surface of copper or bronze produced by oxidation over a long period” is what it states in the dictionary!) copper in a shorter period. We’ll actually be able to patina the copper during class time. Plus, you will be able to try to make the two different patina colors and we will make a personal bead.

Patina is as old as the cultures that have used metal. There are many statues, churches, and artistic creations that deliberately try to have patina. This Chickenvane by Smithvane is a copper weathervane with patina. The dragon with green and reddish-brown scales looks natural with the green coloring than it would look with copper. 

Chickenvane patina

The class will happen on May 18, 2021, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The class will be held at my shop: 

Jewels and Fiber on 2438 Loma Vista Dr., Sacramento, CA 95825.

You can sign up via this link or give me a call to find out more: 916-664-3970.