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November Newsletter

How are you feeling?

Looking forward to change and another exciting Technique Tuesday.

Fill your hearts with what you love. 

I am excited again to have you all come learn more of the world of metal jewelry making and beginner soldering technique.  Come enjoy another metal jewelry workshop to use your metal pieces you created in the Metal Mania workshop. Please bring your lunch or snacks, bottled water will be provided.

Necklaces inspired by an article from the now defunct Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  I’ve always wanted to make these. 

Junk Drawer Hearts

If you are a hoarder of vintage bits and broken parts like I am, clean out your junk drawer, scour the bottoms of your old jewelry boxes for tiny unused bits. Use your etched metal piece from the Metal Mania class, (not required) and learn the basics of soldering to make these Junk Drawer Hearts 

Metal Mania Part Two

Date: November 17, 2020

Time: 11:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Sign up on  Jewels & Fiber for more information

Most of the materials will be provided but if you have the following please bring:
Rubber stamp for design
Heat gun
Rubber gloves and apron
Vintage pieces and small broken jewelry parts
Small watch parts i.e. gears and washers
German Glass Glitter
Small beads or rhinestones

Feel feel to contact me with any questions or concerns



Virtual Market Places

Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts

It seems like all the handcrafted artisan shows are now online. The newest phrase is contactless shopping. This year has been extremely hard on artists, but many are learning new online ways to sell their art. Since COVID-19 has made it impossible to hold our annual in-person show and sale, we have shifted to a digital platform to promote our talented members. You can now shop on the 2020 Art to Wear & More virtual marketplace for one-of-a-kind holiday gifts made by local Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts artists. Are you looking for special clothing and accessories to wear, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, unique gifts, or home fashions? Look no further. Now instead of just 2 days to shop, there will be more than 2 months. It’s open for shopping right now!

Visit October 24, 2020 through January 31, 2021. Browse each artist’s listing to see examples of their and my work. I will be participating in the Art to Wear and More Virtual Marketplace! I hope you connect with these amazing artists during this holiday shopping season.

Art to Wear and more show and sale



If you are missing all those wonderful Art and Wine festivals and holiday fairs that have been cancelled due to the pandemic, you may want to check out The Artisan Showcase @

I am proud to be participating in a wonderful online event this fall and winter and I hope you’ll check it out.

The features the work of 60 artists and artisans, all showcasing their sustainably-made, handcrafted creations.

You’ll find fine art, fashion, jewelry and accessories, home decor items, holiday gifts, toys and dolls. There are things to make your fall more festive and an eco-friendly gift for everyone on your holiday list.

The Artisan Showcase @ will be open October 24 2020 through January 4th, 2021.

Please visit us at 

A portion of the proceeds from this event goes to support the Bay Area non-profit FabMo and its mission of rescuing new but discarded designer materials from a fate in the landfill by putting them in the hands of artists, makers, educators, charities and anyone else who can give them a second life.

To learn more about FabMo please visit


FabMo Inc


jewels and fiber banner

My Color Process

Shop for my new line of bags, scarves, and wearables. My style is Boho Bohemian. I like to make items with geometric patterns and designs. I use a variety of fabric types and textures. I use mixed and matched pieces of upholstery fabrics with texture when designing purses, and a variety of beads, glass and gems for my jewelry designs. Check out the way I come up with my color and design process in this short video


Click here to view the process How choose color for your designs


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