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Short Notice: Don't Miss the Upcoming Shibori Workshop



Shibori Workshop

Shibori Dyeing an Easy Peaceful Way to Art Therapy

April 24, 2021
11pm -4pm

One of the most creative, colorful trends this spring is the pastel colors and Shibori cloth dyeing. This cloth dyeing method, especially the Kanoko Shibori, is similar to what we think of as tie-dyeing.


Making Something Old New Again

I know that there are some older tee-shirts and sweatshirts that are around the house. What if you gave them a new look with a dyeing method such as Shibori with Indigo dye? As you can see here, I have dyed a bunch of different fabrics to create something new.

And with Spring upon us, this method of fabric dyeing gives you time for art therapy and a meditative process. 

                              shibori dye fabrics  

Upcycling with Blue Creations
Upcycling is also very on-trend, and what better way to be part of the trend is to use it is through Shibori cloth dyeing. This technique will continue to be popular throughout the Spring and Summer. I believe it will continue to be popular into the next year.

The fact that you can use Indigo vat dye and resist technique to create patterns that work with your jeans or dresses is calming and peaceful. The blues of summer, oceans and skies, mixed with patterns, will make all of your creations perfect for this year.

             shibori dyed fabric

I am teaching a class on Saturday, April 24, 2021, on Shibori Cloth Dyeing at 11 am. We will enjoy the Spring together, outside and under the trees. You will learn how to create patterns and textures in fabric using a variety of traditional methods to make unusual and useful art for your next project. Class size is limited, and you can sign up  here.

Cost $125

Sign up before April 19, and receive $50 off

April 24, 2021 11am - 4pm
2438 Loma Vista Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95825



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2438 Loma Vista Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95825