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One of a kind Kimono
Luxury Versatile Wearable Autumn Art Kimono One of a Kind

The Kimono Jacket: created by me using T-shirts to repurpose and design wearable art. 

Free Event For Fabulous Art
Free Event, Gorgeous Creations, and Recycled Art This Weekend

I will be at the fiesta this weekend, and here are a few items you might see. Plus, colors to look forward to this fall! 

Creativity creates Sacramento Tote
Sacramento City Tote brings Creativity and Uniqueness

This tote inspires me and works great for those fiestas and festivals! 

Summer Sessions Create Fall FashionsOur Red Hot Summer Creates Fall Fashion

This In Between time of summer and fall can create something new.

Summer Vibes
Artistic Summer View and Bright Colors

Before we head into Fall, let's take a moment to enjoy summer's bright colors.

Happiness is a fabulous class with students

Thank you, students, I loved teaching this class! 

Painted Purse Class
Relax, Renew and Recycle at the Painted Purse Class

A little more about the Painted Purse class and surface design techniques. 

Painted Purse Class
Create Your Exciting Painted Purse Bag

You will love this Painted Purse class for your exciting and creative art therapy. Bring your friends and make something unique! 

Painted Cuddle Bag of 2021
Painted Cuddle Bag of 2021

Painted Cuddle Bag of 2021: A security blanket of painted canvas and fluffy elements to make it huggable, very Vogue. 

Shepard Garden and Arts Center

Sharing is Caring and the Art Elephant Sale

The picture shows the front of the building as of February 2021. Unique Architecture and a great community abound.

How Do I Create?

How Do I Create?

With a few videos, I explain what to do on summer days. 

Sewing Sustainable

Appreciate Summer with Sale to Begin Crafting Afresh!

Supplies on Sale for your crafting needs, helps the community and artisans in Sacramento and the surrounding area.

Making Necktie Necklaces

Recycle or Reuse to Create Your Beautiful Jewelry

Making Neckties into Necklaces is a fun summer activity

Sewing Sustainable

Sewing Sustainability into the Fabric of Your Life

Creating New from Something Else and Keeping it Long Term

Color Trends “Summer-ized” By You Making Beautiful Gems

Color Trends “Summer-ized” By You Making Beautiful Gems

Creating Gems of Ivory, Coral, and Amber using polymer clay

Polymer Clay for buttons and gems

Metals Recreated Better Surprising You to Create Jewelry

Hardware stores are not just for home projects!

Polymer Clay for buttons and gems

Polymer Clay A Clay Like No Other for Happy Hands

How Polymer Clay came to be and other types of clays

New Materials are Created with Shibori Cloth Dyeing

Shibori Cloth Dyeing and Shibori 101

The perfect class to make Shibori Cloth Dyeing materials.

Cloths Become New with Dyes

While Going Green, Sustain, and Create New Mixed Media

The fashions of today use sustainability and upcycling and you can too. 


Gorgeous, Valuable and Long Lasting Shibori Cloth of Indigo

Learn about the Indigo Color throughout history and why it is perfect for Shibori 

DyedCloths Trending Now: Shibori Cloth Dyeing is the newest trend
A blog post about Shibori Cloth Dyeing and the trends of 2021 

Something BIG is coming

It's something I've never done before and something I thought I would never be able to do
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Nubian Crafters of Sacramento Holiday Gift Expo

The Nubian Crafters of Sacramento
Read more »

August Technique Tuesday

Learn to create the look of metal with polymer clay
Read more »

Quilt & Fabric Art Festival

Festival Days: Friday, September 27, 2019 10:00am to 5:00pm
Read more »

Jewish Food Faire

Sunday, September 15, 2019 Congregation Beth Shalom 4746 El Camino Ave
Read more »

Curtis Fest

13th Annual Artisan Fair Under the Trees 10am to 4pm
Read more »

Nubian Crafters of Sacramento

8th Annual Holiday Expo
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Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts presents the 2019 ART TO WEAR & MORE SHOW

Dates and Location: November 9 & 10,2019
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Past Newsletters

Jewels and Fiber
What's Happening at Jewels & Fiber

 Covid - 19 Update

How are you all?

Hope you all are well and safe. Just a note to let you know that I have not forgotten you. I also want to let you know what’s happening at Jewels & Fiber Art Studio. When I left the shop March 16th, due to the Stay-In-Place orders, I took home all sorts fabrics and other craft projects that I thought I was going to have great fun creating with all the time I was going to have. Only to find out I did not feel like doing anything. I did not feel creative. I was uninspired, and in a funk. My May, June, and July classes have been cancelled. Like many of you, I started Spring cleaning, (more on that later) cooking fabulous dinners and even a little gardening.

I was not even inspired with all of the mask making frenzy. I must admit I only made them for family and friends. I have to apologize to all my sew sistahs. Thanks for stepping up. I am doing fine these days in these crazy times as each day goes by. It's important that we all stay connected. You may be by yourself, but you are not alone.  I hope you all are taking advantage of this time to re-connect and stay creative.

I promised that something great was coming to Jewels & Fiber.

I am super excited to announce that Jewels & Fiber will have a new website. It seems like I've been building it all by myself. Little did I know, I was responsible for all the data entry for the whole website. So, it is taking just a little longer than I anticipated. It is going to be great! I can't wait to share it with you. The new site will offer my unique designs as well as the ability for you to sign up for in-store or social media workshops and classes.  New line of products like mixed media and surface design art materials, new and used craft books, Marcia Derse fabric, kits, gift cards, and you'll be able to even earn reward points. I'm hopeful and optimistic to be back online around the first part of June.

Please stay tuned. You will the first to know when it is live.

And finally, I am feeling inspired to work on a new line of handbags and wearable art, hopefully for next year’s art shows.  My artists events have either been rescheduled or cancelled. I will have more time to work on things. Right?

If you registered for the Metal Mania Workshop, this class will be the first class rescheduled when things get back to the new normal.

Although we are not able to connect in person right now, we're still in the midst of this. We will be back together soon.

Continue to create and stay safe everyone.


Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

So I was cleaning one of my craft rooms and look what I found. Martha Stewart Jewelry Glaze. Does anyone remember this?

When Martha Stewart Brand was heavy in the DIY crafts and scrapbook industry, she offered a line of jewelry findings, chains, charms, glaze and enamel paint with no firing or kiln. Using Martha’s enamel and brass metal blanks you could apply the enamel with a toothpick. Let it dry in fifteen minutes  and create professional looking enameled pieces. Some of the colors it came in was Martha Stewart Sea Green, Pool and Beetle Black. When I came across them all, and I have a lot, I could not believe they had not all dried up after so many years. So I decided to try them out. I painted metal tin pieces I had cut from candy tins. Here are the results. I also painted aluminum foil beads. A video about that later. 

I am happy with the results. I can't wait to share this technique with you.   

I am grateful I am able to inspire and teach what makes people happy.

          Martha Steward's Glaze           painted metal pieces       Art for your ears   

Check out my First Video

I made this video to show how I make these flowers. I have been trying to keep up the Instagram #100dayproject. You are to create one craft project for 100 days.  I don't know which day it is in the project because I don't always post every day. And some of my posts have been my mixed media and tin metal earrings.  I thought I would improve my skills on the two methods I have learned but never had time to master. 

I plan to have all of the materials on my web site and in the shop. If there's a craft item, tool or technique you would like to see me demonstrate, send me a comment.