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Luxury Versatile Wearable Autumn Art Kimono One of a Kind
wearable art
In Fashion for today and tomorrow! 

The Kimono Jacket: created by me using T-shirts to repurpose and design one of a kind wearable autumn art. Beautiful, mixed, and colorful patchwork designs make up the Boho inspired kimono jackets. They are light enough to wear on a warm day, yet perfect for layering. They are the creative cardigans uniquely designed for you. 


Fall will be here in less than five days, and it is already starting to cool down. And the fashion week in New York just finished too. What a perfect way to add some color to your jeans and dresses than with a one-of-a-kind kimono. 


A kimono (thing to wear) typically is an open front without buttons. Originally, it is T-shaped, wrapped front with square sleeves and rectangular body. Mine is a little different. Each kimono jacket has contrasting trim on the front edge and on the fully butterfly-style sleeves. 


Some of the jackets have rhinestones, beads, or sequin accents. All can be worn dressed up or down. Several fashion magazines talk of wearing a black or navy dress with a kimono like this, and chunky jewelry with a small purse, just like this picture. 


Even Vogue talks of upcycled patchworks, collage prints and retro graphics. While they talk of wearing them all together, I think it is great to wear them with jeans or a dress. 


You can feel comfortable knowing that those t-shirts have gone to a great place. The upcycled or repurposed / reused materials were all washed before sewing together, adding the embellishments, and create for you. 


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