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Painted Cuddle Bag of 2021

Imagine going out and visiting with friends this summer. You get dressed up, semi-casual, semi-dressy. But your purse of two years ago has seen better days. What if you could make a purse that was unique to you? What if the purse has elements that make you feel comfortable about going out? Enter the painted, canvas, and cuddle bag of 2021. 

The Painted Cuddle Bag of 2021

As you can see, you can make the strap sit at your hip or higher on your body. You can clutch it close or let it swing with your walk. 


The number of fluffy aspects and elements is up to you. Vogue UK has deemed 2021 as the year of the cuddle bag, a texture-laden style with wooly strands or feathers, which are clutched to the body. 


It is as though you have a safety net with your bag. It holds all the items you need to make that first or tenth foray out. You enjoy your painted handbag with a hug. 


This bag, which you create in my class, is unique to you. This sample shows the Pantone colors of 2021, with the sky blue, yellows, and grays; you could add pops of colors like hot pink, orange, and green. 


Add the fluffiness where you need it the most, in the middle, top, or bottom, wherever you need that extra hug.  


Plus, we will be using canvas, one of the best materials to create purses and handbags. The canvas material can hold the painted colors and provide you with an everlasting bag that is sure to go far. It can be well-loved, well-hugged, and unique for every event. 


Feeling nervous about going out? I understand completely. My shop is starting to open up. The class size is limited, which allows for social distancing. And you can make something that you can hug later, and use as your security “blanket” in a sense. The designers are making these, why not you?