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How Do I Know These Colors of Spring So Well?


In September, Pantone came out with the Fashion color trend report for the Spring and Summer of 2022. My unique, handmade creations for Kimono Jackets came from repurposed T-shirts. Look at the back of this Jacket, it has at least four of the Pantone colors for Spring and Summer! 


Kimono Jacketkimono jacket

Kimono Jacket with Pantone Colors


Pantone calls the ten top color trends different names than what I have down but if you want to see what they really are called, you can go to the Pantone Spring/Summer 2022 NYFW Color Palette

The colors are:

  •       light blue
  •       light pink
  •       hot pink
  •       denim or navy
  •       yellow
  •       light blue
  •       ocean or teal blue
  •       brown
  •       violet or purple
  •       red


Then there are the core classic colors:

  •       white
  •       tan or beige
  •       light green
  •       gray
  •       dark gray


Yes, this jacket has those blues, grays and beige colors throughout the jacket. How did I know that these colors would be next year’s colors? I knew because they are classic colors. Navy or denim is a classic color of spring. The greys are too, as we come off of winter time and enjoy the brisk airs of spring. Beige is a classic color that goes well with any color, but when placed with dark blues, it stands out and pops the designs.


 The Kimono Jacket will be at the Fall Show Art to Wear Show and Sale. The Fashion Show will be put on by the Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts on November 13. The Fashion Show is at 10 am and the doors to the sale open at 11 am.