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Paper Arts: How to Make an Art Journal 

Paper Arts What will you create? 

What is it about a journal that excites me so? You find them at every sale, craft store, and festival. Some are very personal, others are waiting for your words, pictures, and craftiness. Art journals, diaries, scrapbooks, mixed media, and junk journals are all similar items waiting to be created. You will find the words throughout history, in bookstores and online. 

In my class, we will create the foundation for your art journal. Each step builds upon the next step until you have a creative, one-of-a-kind art journal. While some call these junk journals, I consider them to be art journals. 


The most important factor for your art journal is: there are no rules. I will provide you with guidance and steps so that you can create something creative, unique, and artistic. 


When you think of a journal, an ordinary journal can be a book with blank, dot, graph, or lined paper. Or the journal may not have any paper at all! But usually, journals have papers within them. Some will be nature journals with pressed flowers, leaves, and feathers. Some have pockets or pop-outs to hide or hold ticket stubs and bookmarks. I have seen many different types and styles, some of which are old and new. 


Typically, an art journal will be based on a theme, although you do not have to do it that way. But having a theme allows you to pick the colors and ingredients you want for your project. The techniques I show you can be used over and over to get the concept down and create the pages needed. By knowing what colors or ideas you want to incorporate will make your art journal spectacular.  

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