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Sacramento – One of the Hipster Cities in California – or Why I Love What I Do

Hipster CityDid you know that Sacramento was considered one of the top five hippest places to live in 2016? I did not know that. When I opened my Jewels and Fiber Art Studio in 2018, Sacramento’s “evolving contemporary culture as the most “hipster city” in California” according to Peak Consulting. It has consistently stayed in the top 25 most hip places, based on numerous lifestyle companies.  


Being an artist of mixed media, I enjoy designing and playing with different materials. I am especially drawn to fabrics and beads. Metalwork and found objects become parts that become the jewelry in the boutique. The fabric stash became beads and wearable art.  


I really enjoy teaching and being an instructor as well. This summer I started with a few classes and plan on having more classes this coming winter. I keep the class size small for the true learning and individual attention. The creations that come out of the classes are beautiful and useful right from the start. 


And they align with my up-cycling and recycling ways. I enjoy making these trendy styles of wearable art and jewelry. Occasionally my walks may find me looking down, and the objects found can create some amazing colors for dyeing fabric or designing that unusual necklace. 


My childhood of learning to sew from my mother and grandmother, plus using every piece, helped push my creativity to the forefront. Sometimes just finding that one piece, or one object, will help you create something new as well. Being that teacher, I hope to help you find your creativity.  


You can find me in the studio when I am not at the fall shows. There will be at least two this year: 


November:  Art To Wear Show and Sale.


December: Nubian Crafter Holiday Expo.


More information is coming soon about these shows, but for now, check out the boutique for some of the hipster and trendy collections.