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Sewing Sustainability into the Fabric of Your Life


I have often thought that as an artist, what I create is something new from something old. I make a piece of art, whether it is a button, wearable art, or purse, from other objects and materials. This, to me, means what I create is sustainable. I am using up products and making new ones.

Creating New from Old, Sewing Sustainable 

Reducing the carbon footprint can be difficult for some, yet for those who sew, it is simple. We can sew unusual buttons onto our shirts and jackets, add lace and transform a casual top into an exciting fashion piece. 


Sometimes it takes thinking out of the box to create. If all we do is come together for a class to learn how to do a new technique, I consider that sustainable.

You are learning not just from me, the teacher, but from others in the class. There is a combination and continuation of ideas that come together when learning a new idea.


Transforming a Shirt

You can create a great summer top by using a large button-down shirt. Take off the sleeves using your seam ripper and sharp scissors. Or you can make a long sleeve shirt a short sleeve shirt and add some dyed lace to give it a little flair. Add unusual buttons or create new buttons from old ones. Add a pretty necklace and voilà! A great summer shirt that is in style, fashionable, and sustainable. 


Keeping Your Creations for the Long Term

Once you have made something beautiful, you want to make sure you treat them well from the start. Use a gentle wash cycle with cold water and a detergent that is sensitive to dyed fabrics works best. Make sure to button, zipper, and fasten hooks before they go into the wash. And washing them inside out will protect the unusual buttons and dyed materials.  

Air dry them on a line or drying rack will keep the colors looking fresh. Avoid metal hangers as they can snag on your creative clothing. Use felt or polished wood hangers that are better for clothing. 



These will help you keep sustainable clothing lasting longer while enjoying new ideas and techniques. My summer classes start on May 22.

This is the list of classes.