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Art Elephant Sale and WOW Sharing is Caring


First, I want to give a shout out to my friends who shared my picture across Facebook and Instagram. It was so nice of you to do so, and the fact that it is all for a great cause makes me feel extra special. The artists get to meet crafts people, and the craft people get to make great purchases within their community, and meet artists! A Win-Win-Win solution! 

Street View of Building

Temps and Suggestions

While it will be warm, almost around 100 degrees, there should be a breeze and shade. Please make sure to wear wide rim hats and sunglasses, have water with you and drink it often. We have decided to move it indoors, as it will be so warm. 

Front of the Building

The Shephard Garden and Art Center in McKinley Park is located at 3300 McKinley Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95816. A cool feature of Google is that you can go back in time and see how the front of the building changes from 2008 to February, 2021. Now if only they would do an artists’ rendering it would be perfect. 


There is parking, and if you have never been there before, the grounds are beautiful especially when the roses are blooming. The architecture of the building is reminiscent of the 1920s through early 1940s with a dramatic roof line, butterfly and A-frame styling. The Japanese Garden is a breath of fresh air to calm your senses. And the bathrooms will be open and accessible to all. 


If you cannot come and visit, I will be having sales through the end of the month. The Art Elephant sale at Shephard Garden and Art Center should be a great get-outdoors and have fun event. You will see old friends and meet some new artists. 


I hope to see you there this Saturday, June 26, from 10 am to 3 pm.