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Endless Tube Scarf Long

This is one of my endless tube scarves. A multitude of color and textures come together to create my endless tube scarves. They are versatile enough to wear with your favorite jeans or favorite silk suit. They were inspired by the work of designer Susan B. Allen. I put my own spin on her technique and started on an adventure with fabric. They are a reversible tube of coordinated fabrics that can be turned so that any part of the scarf will be different. There is no end and no beginning. You can turn it completely inside out for a totally different look or partially outside in for a different look with every turn. Change it each time you wear it.

Transform a lack luster ensemble into a style star simply by adding a scarf. Click play on the Endless Tube Scarf video to see the creative and new ways to wear the unique and fabulous fashion accessory. Amazing ability to to turned inside out to reveal colors and patterns with every turn. 7" x 100".