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Spring In To Joy with Found Free Bits for Workshops in March

Spring in to Joy

We all know that Spring is coming. Do you know what comes with Spring? Besides the pollen and warm weather, we clean our homes. I learned from Wikipedia that before the Persian New Year, which happens on the first day of Spring, people would get their houses clean from top to bottom. 


Another tradition was the ancient Jewish practice of cleaning the home in anticipation of the springtime holiday of Passover. They would clean down to the errant breadcrumbs before their holiday began. Even the biannual equinoxes of spring and autumn have traditions of cleaning to bring in a new cycle. 


Whichever tradition you use, Spring cleaning allows us to find those bits and pieces that can be upcycled and recycled for new projects. Cleaning out your drawers in the office and bedrooms can lead you to finding treasures. 


Organizing that craft room or office today may net you treasures for my two classes this March. The first one is on the first day of Spring, March 20th, at the Crocker Art Museum. The second workshop is on March 26th and is at my studio. Both happen late morning through the afternoon, perfect for a treat after working so hard at home. 


I will show you how to use those bits, pieces, gears, broken jewelry, and connectors to from a beginning to advanced classes. The Museum class is geared towards beginners to intermediate skill levels in metalworks. The workshop at my studio is for advanced jewelry and metal smithing creators. Either way you look at it, you will clean a home, organize your crafts, and create something special. 


Join me either on Sunday, March 20 at noon at the Crocker Art Museum or Saturday, March 26 at 11:30 am at my Studio for an enjoyable learning experience of making jewelry.