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Strip the Colors Enjoy Easy Art and Love Your Life

strip dye

Remembering our childhood of tie-dyeing, where we added colors to a white tee shirt? Now we can have the adult pleasure of stripping those colors and worries away. In this fun and easy-to-do class, we will take away the colors and enjoy the process. 


We plan to flip the switch on the childhood art project and make art out of your tee shirt. We will jump in, and fill the basin with bleach, so to speak. The amazing abilities of bleach as a cleaning product cannot be overstated. One of my suggestions, as you come to this class, is to wear old clothes just in case of spillage. 


Our canvas (a black t-shirt is best) may already be dyed black, yet we will use the magic of bleach to unleash the colors within. As we learn about different cellulose fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and viscose rayon, we will find how reverse dyeing works on each type of material. 


Hands-on experience creating unique designs awaits you as you participate in the class. A class like this with an instructor who gives personalized attention to each student is a must for working with bleach. Sign up for the class now, as space is limited. And prepare to be amazed at what you will learn!