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Summer Class Sessions Create Fall Purse Fashions

How is it that a creative color of Red can invoke images of both Summer and Fall? The reds of summer with watermelons, coral jewelry, and strawberry ice cream to the reds of fall with maple leaves, calico corn, and woven purses. This “time between” you get to experience both seasons, and why not see and enjoy both?

Summer Sessions Create Fall Fashions

We started the summer with classes on May 22 for Make Buttons and Gems from Polymer Clay. In this class we used found objects to put designs on clay to make buttons and gems for jewelry. Each object was unique as the person who made it. 

In June, my artist friends and I held an Art Elephant Sale in a beautiful, artistic building. Many creative businesses and soft art artisans were there to enjoy summer, see old friends, and meet new artists. 

July’s class of the Painted Purse was a full class of students, who learned to paint canvas and create their own textured and surface designed purses. Most of them chose an over the shoulder type of bag, sometimes called a messenger bag. Everyone had a fabulous time and went home with a purse. 

This August, I decided to spend more time being creative, and using those techniques created sustainable, handmade with custom designed purses, clothing and jewelry for a show in September. It feels good to create beautiful designs and make wearable art. 

I love being able to dive one day into all the beads and buttons, metals and clays to make jewelry. The next day I get out my sewing machine and stitch together fashion pieces of clothing or accessories. Maybe the next day I might paint on canvas or get my hands into some clay. 

You can see my newest designs and pieces in person, at Jewels and Fiber studio: 2438 Loma Vista Dr., Sacramento, CA 95825 or via the online boutique.