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Summer Is Here! How Do You Plan to Celebrate, and What Are the Trends?

Summer is here!

The colors of summer are typical of light colors and turquoise or light green. This color of green has shown up in Michael Kors Collection and on Priyanka Chopra Jonas in The Zoe Report this May.


The light green goes well with the browns and blacks of the season. Accent colors pop and show off your best features. And the trend will go through to Summer 2024. 


Green, yellows, and corals all have those exciting bits of color that continue through the seasons. I am seeing greens of neon, nature, and sea glass all take center stage in 2024 color trends. 


The color of matcha, a type of tea, is creating a stir, literally! It is a big trend that can carry over into fall and winter. It connects with the seasonal colors of reds, yellows, and deep greens. According to Sourcing Journal, Apricot Crush is their 2024 color of the year. And a cool matcha tea goes perfectly with it. I like their ideas for the future, their caring economy, and what is going on economically and environmentally. 


Their talk about using recycled materials and embracing the materials’ “so-called flaws” resonates with me, especially as we move into July with my class on Reverse Dyeing. Sign up for the class and see how we can revitalize a tee shirt or cloth in a brand-new way. 

See you soon!