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Sustainable Is the Important One Goal for Color Fashions

 The colors of 2023

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The news articles, color trends, and reports are all out this week and probably will continue until New Year’s Eve. The color of the year from Pantone happened last week. But the fashion color trends from Milan, Paris, London and New York were in the works much earlier, back in October 2022. These trends come from Envato and Vogue, where dark browns, mahogany, terracotta, and yellows prevail along with deep blues. And color trends from Coloro still show some amazing reds, browns, and yellows. Even Pinterest gets in their color choices of rust with sustainable clothing. Instagram first Trend talks about recycle, reuse, and reconstruct. 


What I also saw was the ever-present greenish tinge you would see of the Statue of Liberty, a copper statue oxidized to a blue-green-gray color. 


Browns are here to stay, according to Brunette from Wall Street. From the tomato to adobe to dark oak and winery colors, there is a shade that will work for you. The warm yellows of The Nordroom deal mostly with interiors for homes, but the theme in fashion and jewelry remains the same. Warm colors are here to stay.


While the colors of pink and purple do appear in several of the trends, I was heartened to see Luscious Red and Cherry Red, two deep warm red colors that pop with intensity. 


The calm colors of London’s spring colors include mocha mouse, cherry tomato, blazing yellow, and tender peach, with pops of blue and greens. New York’s colors include empire yellow, tangelo, vanilla cream, macchiato, and two greens of leek and love bird.


I love Paris Fashion Weeks the best, with ginger root, a brownish green, quince, a yellowy mustard, bitter chocolate, fire whirl, and tapenade, all brownish core colors with nature mixtures. Milan’s Fashion Week came in second place for me, with maple sugar and Emperador browns, High risk red and pastel turquoise. 


Sundial is the warmest color of the year, with a mixture of gold, brown, and beige. Dark Oak is a rich brown that melts into black. And Coloro’s hottest trending color is Honeycomb, which blends sustainability with nature to create a golden yellow color. 


Coloro color choice impacted Etsy as well, with their first ever colors of the year: Indigo and Honeycomb. The blue indigo is a blend of blue and violet, while we saw the honeycomb color seen in the other coloring trends. 


Coming soon will be my workshops for next year but for now, which color do you think you will use most in 2023?