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Teenie Glorietta Bags Oh So Usable

Teenie Glorietta BagsDo you know how some things become lost in a big purse? Your lip gloss or lipstick or chapstick always finds itself on the way to the bottom of your purse. 


You are in that mad rush to put a little color on and where is it? If you have a Teenie Glorietta Bag, you can find those items really quick! 


I love making these bags. They are perfect to put in a pocket. They are stylish and whimsical and can go with any outfit. Personally, I keep two in my larger purse, one for my cards and ID and one for my lip gloss.


I have seen others use them for their business cards. How hip is it to bring one of these out to a convention or conference with your personal or business cards in it? You look good and feel good too. You know you have a pretty bag, one that reused material to upcycle into something beautiful and functional too! 


I have Teenie Glorietta Bags at my shop. They are also in my online boutique and they will be at the Art to Wear Show and Sale on November 13th  at Shepard Garden Arts Center in Sacramento.  


Please remember that Art to Wear Show and Sale is a one-day event. There will be the fashion show first at 10 am, and then the sale is to follow, until 4 pm. The link for the Shepard Garden and Arts Center will take you to the home page to get directions. See you there!