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Carrying Totes in The Zone of Creativity

Sometimes I am in my studio, creating, designing, and working, and I am so focused that the world just fades away. It is as though I am in The Zone of Creativity, and notifications, phone calls, and text messages go by the wayside. This is not a bad thing, being away from the screen in order to create. 

Creativity in the Sacramento Tote

It does mean that I have some amazing new products that will be coming to the store. I am participating in a local show as well. It is called the Sacramento Suburban Kiwanis Annual Art Fiesta. There will be art from more than 100 people, and yours truly will be there as well. 


This is a weekend event, spanning two days, September 11 and 12, 2021. It is at the Pavilions Shopping Center from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on Fair Oaks Boulevard. Their website for the event is


It was a fun show in 2019, and will be fun again this year. Along those lines, I wanted to introduce you to the Marcia Derse Sample City Tote. I actually think of this as the Sacramento City Tote because it is the perfect size to put all of your purchases from the festivals and fiestas starting to happen in the fall. 


I made it from a sample fiber from Marcia Derse, an acclaimed fiber designer. Marcia Derse grew up with sewing machine’s hum in her ears, fabrics, and a sense of style. She uses nature’s materials to help create designs in the fabric. I feel she is a kindred spirit, her fabrics are art, and I use them to create wearable and fun art. 


It is a unique bag, with a back zipper pocket and three large pockets inside. It is fully lined with a closure and 26 inches long black leather double straps. It would go well with both summer and fall fashions.  


You can find the bag at my boutique.