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Upcycle Tin Cans for Giving Gifts in Springtime 

To Graduates, Mothers, and Fathers, plus more!  


Tin cans on cars to announce the celebrate the newly married as they rattle down the road. Imagine what they can create if they hold onto those cans until their 10th anniversary.

Fabulous Tin Jewelry

During this spring season, everything is in bloom, it seems. The daffodils and wildflowers from the coast to the desert bloomed or will soon. The daffodil is the 1o-year anniversary flower. What better way to give a constant blooming daffodil than creating one as a pendant in the class on May 16 at 11:30 am? The course can be a fun way to create something fabulous for you or your loved ones. 


Moms and Dads will be celebrating for the next two months. So why not give them a gift to show your creativity and ingenuity? Upcycling old tins that held cookies and candies of past gift-giving can be a timeless treat. 


Letting your younger generation know you care about the earth, upcycling tin cans work. Why not create something that will not go into the landfills but instead be a part of them? Wedding bliss and anniversary celebrations do not have to be expensive. Why wrap a gift, instead use a tin can container instead. This is a creative package that keeps on giving. 


And once you are done with the tin, you can start the cycle again, creating a tin jewelry piece. You will have the knowledge to do so after my class.
See you there!