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How Do I Create?

How Do I create?

During these almost summer days, when it is hot, and your brain seems to turn to mush, artists' hands still keep busy. I may want to be sipping ice tea by the pool or sea. Instead, I roll out my clay to make some buttons. 


While this is not a mindless activity, I create buttons to help me think. Sometimes, it allows me to come up with new ideas and classes for the fall. Other times, making buttons helps me get and give back to my heritage and family. And several times over the years, creating new buttons is to create something beautiful. 


Video With Craft Tools 

This short video talks about the first part, of using certain tools, some of which you might have in your home now. However, I would suggest using these tools only for crafting in clay, and not to cook with them again.

Molds and Found Objects Video

The second video shows some of the buttons with the holes punched, and the materials I use to create the designs. I might use older buttons to create some of the more intricate designs. You see that mold on the roller, it is a great way to make some unusual buttons. You can also use found objects in your workshop or toolshed, like this metal grate. 

These different buttons might make a necktie necklace, or replace buttons on a shirt, or be used for decorative pieces. Once I create, then I shall see what I will do with them. I know that this weekend will be filled with celebrations and next week will be filled with sales. 

Let’s celebrate together!

I look forward to seeing you at the Art Elephant Sale on June 26, or at my shop. I will be having sales until the end of the month.