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What is Dapping? And Other Terminology with Metals

Dapping and other Terms 

You might notice I have three different metal classes: Metal Mania I for March, Metal Mania II for April, and Tin Jewelry for May. Metal classes have been highly requested, and space is limited. The class in March only has three spots left! 


All of the metal jewelry classes focus on different aspects of the metal jewelry-making process. Metal Mania I is where you cut, dap, and patina copper, brass, and other thin metals. Metal Mania II is where you etch, cut, finish and create your jewelry. Tin Jewelry is where you learn to cut and make shapes with colorful tin metal. 



It is the simple process of turning a piece of flat metal into a domed shape by molding it into some depression within a wood block.


Some thin metal pieces are molded into curves using a dapping block. The dapping wood block has various-sized circular daps sides to place your metal pieces. You use rounded tools and hammer them on the top of the metal to create a curved or cupped effect. Dapping does not affect your stamped design.


Stamped Designs

Metal stamping is a marking technique used to create designs on a metal surface without removing any metal mass. This ensures that metal quality, weight, and purity remain consistent. Sometimes you can use stamping kits or stamps or create your own. 


Surface Effects

You can create an aged effect (Patina) on your metals if you want a vintage feel. Certain metals react quickly to the chemicals used. You can soak your stamped items into a container with those chemicals covering your chosen item to distress or age them. Once the color is something you like, you use other materials to keep the color. 


Sign up for Metal Mania on March 21 at 11:30 am at the studio. 


I look forward to seeing you there!