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Yellow and Blue are Perfect Hues for You! 

 Yellow and Blue

Coming out of the winter we had, with all the rain and snow, it makes sense that the colors of spring and summer would be sunny and happy colors of yellow and blue. Demin, bright and pale yellow, and florals are all splashing across fashion magazines this spring. While cotton prices increased twenty to thirty percent from last year, many of today’s young adults scour the thrift stores and raid their parents’ closets. They look for the signature piece that will become their own.


Two blues in Pantone stand out, a blue perennial and a sky blue. The blue perennial is similar to most of your worn blue jeans, and the sky blue reminds us of summer skies after the sun sets. 


The pastels continue to make comebacks in the spring, of course, with pinks, light orange or peach colors, light green, and pale yellows. Mix in a few flowers or geometric blocks and a stand-out piece of jewelry, and your day and outfit are complete. 


Here are some of the pieces I have in my boutique that would mix well with your outfits. 


The metal earrings section, of various color combinations, is small and mighty for your signature piece. These earrings go well with everything in your wardrobe. 


The yellows and reds (also a color of spring in the flowers we see) can dress up the outfits you wear in the afternoons and evenings just by putting them on. My Fiber Art for Your Ears does that, and with bronze accents, you can mix your metals seamlessly.


And the Square Biz Bag, with its blocks of color, is perfect for your overall carrying bag for every day. It goes perfectly for those spring and summer picnics and lunches out with friends. A bright and cheerful bag could be a new addition to your signature piece.  


You can find all these at my boutique and online